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…are always the hardest. being the n00bie at work, trying out a new sport, entering a room full of complete strangers…unfamiliar enviroments are always somewhat daunting. especially when you’re a n00b. although i’ve been randomly blabbing crap online on various blogging sites for nearly 10 years now, i’ve never really delved into fashion blogging, as such.

iv always had a huge interest in fashion + design ever since I was a little girl, flipping through glossy gossip magazines, and staring in awe at the fashion beauties and um…mishaps of celebrity icons=P

unfortunately ‘ugly duckling’ syndrome popped by and punched me in the face as a nervous teenager.
the majority of blogs that i peruse often contain gorgeous bloggettes clad in designer/vintage threads, photographed so beautifully by [presumably] their talented boyfriend with built-in DSLRs….


so anyway! in saying that, it will be interesting to see how this blog turns out for me, inez and di – sans the photographer boyfriend [BUT WHO WILL HELP ME TAKE PHOTOS?! …just kidding], sans conventional beauty…lets see what happens;)

hiphop and street fashion to me, seems all but underground here in melbourne….so hopefully we can shed our own light on it=]

i’m going to have to get a little more used to being in front of a camera lens=/

God bless!

beckii xo

beckii edit 2

outfit details: NY fitted | black Miss Shop singlet | Sportsgirl basic tee | living doll mini | limited edition Nike x Nylon magazine pink dunks | gold retro Casio watch | Disney Couture silver ‘faith’ necklace

Pretty in pink, short skirts and high heels were never my thing. I grew up with boyishly cropped hair, denim jeans paired with tees and a pair of nerdy specs in primary school. Even now, sugar and spice and everything pink and sparkly still isn’t the way to go for me.
My fashion sense, if I could be said to have one, would probably be a bit of everything, from hip hop, indie, to just plain casual and sometimes lazy :P. I have a closet full of denims, casual tees, military boots, hoodies, vintage bags and bits and pieces of quirky styles I try to collect as I travel across asia. And with a strange obsession with anything with a hood attached or Disney, I’m not usually the head-turner in a room.
But, like beckii’s mentioned, although none of us have a snap-happy boyfriend nor the conventional pretty-long-legged-bambi looks or body but I do believe each of us possess our own unique styles and unconventional opinions on music, fashion and whatever else rant-able.
So stay tuned as we dish out our thoughts on this world, it’s fashion, food and music.

God bless and take care!

inez edit

outfit details: Cotton On grey tank | Cotton On shirt | pashmina scarf from thailand | rfam&co black fingerless gloves | [beckii’s] Dotti suspenders | [beckii’s] …fake=P Doc Martens from hong kong | watch from taiwan

If there ever was a dictionary definition to the term “blogging”, it should be this: the art of breaking free from the reign of facebook and twitter so that one can express oneself in more than two sentences at a time. Just kiddin’.  It is obviously, more than just that.

In all my years of blogging (just bits and pieces on my personal blog), I’ve learnt that it never bodes well to start off a post with writer’s block. And strangely enough, I am experiencing a bout of that right about now – just when we’re standing on the precipice of embarking on something this exciting! Ughhh. New beginnings: I love u! Writer’s block: Not so much.

I’ve also learnt that wit and eloquence, just like style, cannot be forced. I love the “effortless chic” girl with a keen, innate sense of style, the kind of girl who looks like she just threw on a combination of clothes because it came naturally to her. I love deconstruction. Anything edgy/cool, really. A lot of the time, I must admit that I do fall victim to lazy days and the syndrome of not caring gets the better of me :p However, 2011 is a new year and I promise to make more of an effort! 

In the wise words of Dr. Seuss, “Today you are you, this is truer than true, there’s no one alive that’s youer than you!” I hope that our blog will be a genuine reflection of what we are and what we believe in, that we bring to you the things we love/eat/watch/encounter because they mean something to us… and most of all, I hope that you will grow to love us, as we grow to love you. Your comments will mean the world to us! Happy reading!

Much love and God bless,

di edit

outfit details: black Supre basic singlet | [beckii’s] Banc black monogram hoodie | Cotton On tutu skirt | Sportsgirl tights | [beckii’s] gold Puma ‘Key’ kicks.

hair + photos by beckii:D

4 Responses to “NEW BEGINNINGS.”
  1. Tom says:

    Love it! The photos are amazing, very cool

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