retro 80s on a summer day.

last sunday  inez and i went down to check out the st kilda festival + meet di; not that i usually bother with these kind of things as its insanely packed with people and freakin hot…and when you combine the two, masses of hot-bodied people results in a lot of sweaty, slow moving frustration. rofl.


anyway we heard local hiphop crews Rewind  [@RewindDanceCrew],  DVP [@DVPCrew] and a few other crews were performing – incentive to go have a look=] dope dancing as always, and they announced a new female crew CASHMERE SWAG, which was compromised of all the hiphop ladies in all the existing melb crews. super hot performance!♥


being the smart ones we are, inez and i got really lost trying to find the hiphop area of the festival. on the way there, i spotted THIS lady walking in front of us.  highlighted for your viewing pleasure:


wtf pink


hot pink lycra minidress….lacy fishnets….padded, fur lined ugg[?! boots…and a backpack. on a summer day in st kilda. i dont really even know where to begin with this. one, it was incredibly hot on that day and yes, melbourne has ridiculously bipolar weather [its been sunny and raining at the same time on more than one occasion] …but what convinced you it was a good idea to pair fur lined uggs with fishnets? OR LYCRA? …..especially in that shade?


..sorry missy, but….no. just NO.


p.s i like your hair?


-beckii xo

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