black+ pink bling.

to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the church that i go to; the church held a cocktail dinner in one of the many asian infested suburbs of melbourne. ironically enough, inside a greek tavern.

this being the first actual outfit post on this blog…its kind of funny that im not really posting about streetwear. so i apologise for that, but i dont really dress up as a girl very often [=P] so…this is a rare sighting, of sorts.

“WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRESS!?” haha…i had to tell one of my friends that the dress is actually a hand me down from my shopaholic cousins in singapore. who got the dress from ‘This Fashion’ [friend gasps in shock].

to put things in perspective, This Fashion in singapore is equivalent to hmm…those cheap chain stores you might see in asian suburbs or in the city, such as Dolly Girl/Apple Spice/Central Lane/Valley Girl, etc… and knowing the experts my cousins are at being cheapasses [sometimes] + still come out looking amazing, im willing to bet they didnt pay much for the dress im wearing in this post.

also love how many comments my holbrooke by s.berry ring got. inspiration by the lovely ladies at nitrolicious + adventuresofyoshi =]

please excuse my facial expressions + bad quality of the photos – rofl i was in a huge hurry to leave the house to meet my friends before the dinner and i was trying to snap some shots as fast as i could without looking like a complete retard. probably failed in that department, but here u go anyway=]

ev dinner 1ev dinner 2ev dinner 3ev dinner 4

outfit details: black Alana dress from This Fashion | Siren ‘Cunning’ stilettos  (Balmain imitation) | Mango (MNG) hot pink patent clutch | holbrooke by s.berry multiple chain ring | diamante wing ring from korea | diamante bow pinky ring from hong kong | gold retro Casio watch | Disney Couture ‘faith’ necklace | Freshlook ‘Illuminate’ circle daily contact lenses


– beckii xo

p.s funnily enough, i got kicked shin-to-shin during sparring training 2 days earlier at taekwondo…got a massive golfball sized bruise on my right calf, which right now is a nice shade of rainbow covering half of it haha. thanks to me putting BB cream on my legs + the fail quality of the photos, you cant see it too much haha:D


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