midnight indulgence

Raise your hand if you’ve had those midnight cravings which you simply can’t go to sleep without satisfying.  Yup, story of my life, and now i’ve got the solution to all your sweet-toothed cravings.

This ‘dish’ was invented completely by accident as most awesome inventions normally are.  I was trying to make chocolate topping for the cafe at which I volunteer at for church and melted some chocolate buttons and added milk to it thinking it would make it thinner but instead it became a brownie mix – so i’ve named it the ‘brownie me silly’


Chocolate buttons/ block whatever chocolate you have lying around – for buttons you probably only need a few if you’re using the big ones or if you’re using the chocolate drops probably a small handful will do.  If you’re using chocolate block one row of chocolate should be enough

2 teaspoons of milk

Any fruit of your choice – i used banana


1. melt your chocolate in the microwave so depending on the amount of chocolate you have normally about 1~2 minutes should be more than enough

2. add milk in a bit at a time, mixing all the while (cold milk normally works better)

3. mix thoroughly – you should end up with a crumbly chocolatey very yummy mixture which tastes very much like brownie without all the extra and unnecessary flour

4. Leave to cool for a while

5. serve with fruit of your choice so you don’t feel so guilty and the chocolate doesn’t get too rich

6. ps do NOT use melting chocolate because it melts too thin and you get more of a chocolate dip than a brownie mix


(As for the photos – i swear it tastes better than it looks and di can testify cos she’s tried this recipe)

So you’ll be satisfying your chocolate brownie cravings within minutes – ye-eh bite that 5 minute chocolate mug cake!

For those of you who aren’t aware of the 5 minute chocolate mug cake: it’s a recipe which creates a chocolate mud cake in a mug within 5 minutes i’ve attached the link below for your craving purposes.

Welcome to a world of midnight indulgences.


2 Responses to “midnight indulgence”
  1. whotolduthat says:

    poop! tasty pooop! =P

  2. di says:

    it seriously tasted like a brownie!

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