oldschool nomnomz.

went out to the city today to catch up with my girl serene from highschool days – back from singapore for 6 months to sort out her new property she just bought. yey!

as this girl knows, i usually chill with her…completely bumstyles [i.e trackies + tshirts + hoodie], but for the sake of attempting some outfit shots…this is my version of ‘sophisticated bum.’ ahahaha. just kidding.

outfit editoutfit edit2

outfit details: BCBG Max Azaria glasses | Forever New slouch cardigan | Denizen checked shirt | H&M ‘Fashion for AIDs’ long tee | H&M leggings | [fake] Tiffany&Co. necklace | Disney Couture ‘faith’ necklace | retro gold Casio watch | [..i got too lazy to put on footwear when i was taking photos]

we had lunch at this lil cafe ‘Hardware Society’ off hardware lane in the city, and caught up bitching about how we miss singapore food + how awesome travelling is:D

hardware society is a pretty cool place, and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly…the waitress who helped us had a crazy tattoo sleeve on her left arm – excuse my ignorance but i havent seen a girl with a full tattoo sleeve before. she was super sweet though.

hardware society

happy snapping whilst waiting for food…

hardware society2


i had something called ‘trout confit’ [as you can see highlighted in the picture of the menu] – which was an interesting blend of savoury and sweet, while serene had a lamb salad with yoghurt dressing [cant remember the real name for her dish, oops.] im not really a food connosseur so i cant say any more than…it tasted pretty good:D

hardware society3

my food being prepared…

hardware society5

the quinoa salad was interesting!

hardware society6

attempt at being arty…

hardware society4


hardware society7

more lambbbb…

serene also bought some lil macarons from hardware society; as well as a cute lil macaron shop later on. im not too suure what the deal is with macarons lately because i try to avoid cookies/desserts when i can, but EVERYONE seems to be obsessed with them! i constantly see photos of macarons being eaten, baked, bought by my friends on my facebook newsfeed + related places. rofl.

hardware society8

interesting flavour….they suggested it was ‘to die for’…or was that my imagination?

hardware society9

the flavours at hardware society!



that is all for tonight=]

-beckii xo

One Response to “oldschool nomnomz.”
  1. di says:

    the photos are amazing!!!!!! i really wanna go there!!!! 🙂

    LOL and… coincidentally, i was actually thinking of writing about macarons. just cos i heard about this great macaron place from a friend. she says u need to get there real quick on a tues/thurs before they sell out! so i wanna see what all the hype’s about!

    but need to wait for the next time i get a tues off! and getting out of bed is a different story again…lol…

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