fighting fit

So since my first post was a chocolate-let’s-get-fat recipe I figured i should compensate for that by blogging about something a bit healthier this time – exercise.

If you’re like me and absolutely hate exercise in general don’t close this window just as yet.

I’m probably the most un-coordinated creature on this planet with not a single gene in my body made for sports.  BUT I have been doing muay thai kick-boxing for almost half a year now and absolutely love it.


Muay thai is said to be the most effective martial arts because it utilises the whole body – feet, fists, shins, knees, elbows – you name it and we probably use it.  Which also means for all our exercising enthusiasts out there, you’re toning pretty much every part of your body.

I started muay thai because i’ve always been interested in martial arts since young and always found muay thai a very powerful looking martial arts and coincidentally I have a friend who is training in kickboxing professionally and so he trains me for fun.  Now, i’m not going to sugar coat it and pretend that I’m an incredibly fit individual – kickboxing training is hell.  Warm-ups themselves are usually 3 sets of 3 minute skipping and in between you get active rest which is piling in 20 pushups and situps in 30 seconds.  AND that’s only the start of our warm-up.. Yes – it is absolute hell, believe me.  And it’s also a very mentally exhausting type of sport because you have to learn to co-ordinate your whole body and different types of kicks, jabs and moves into knock-out combos.  Normally my trainer ends the session not because I’m lying on the ground whining in pain but because I’ve stopped absorbing the combinations he’s giving him and missing jabs and hooks.

purple handwraps $10 from rebel sport.

But! It’s not all dreary and violent.  It’s a very exciting and rewarding type of sport.  The first time your trainer says “yup you probably could crack some ribs with that hook now” is a very satisfying moment.  For me, muay thai’s very addictive and I absolutely love training for it although it’s so exhausting and sometimes painful.  as you can see i’ve even got my own hand wraps, boxing gloves and now my own punching bag so I can train at home by myself.

Is it a sport for everyone? Probably not – from a girls’ perspective it’s a bit of a rough and tough, tumbling sport but also a great way to lose weight and get fit whilst boosting your self-esteem and learning some self-defense.  Although muay thai isn’t something which would protect you on the streets against say a knife or a gun but hey if a jerk’s trying to get it on with you and you’re not too keen just duck under his arm and throw a body rip and break his ribs instead.  But it definitely applies to losing weight and getting fit – after an hour and a half session with my trainer i tend to feel sore in areas i never knew even had muscles.

Yes no maybe? If you’ve joined a gym they’re quite likely to have some sort of boxing session going on over there if not check out some kick-boxing centres in Melbourne for a few trial sessions or something.  A lot of friends who went to kick-boxing centres dropped it the minute they picked it up because it’s so strenuous and tiring so I would probably recommend a personal trainer if your budget allows for it because they’re more likely to work at your pace and you learn a lot more in a one-on-one session.

Happy fighting!

everlast ‘purple’ gloves which i swear are blue but my trainer insists are purple – not sure of the price cos they were from my trainer as my bday present.

ps. i knw i look like a douche in that above photo.. things which look very good in my mind don’t normally end up turning up very well in reality -_-” but enjoy anyway 🙂

pps. Say aye if you reckon beckii should get the punching bag she got for her 18th up after it’s been lying on the ground for 5 years.. lol

punching bag 18th 2

ppps. all credit for photoshopping of the photos above go to our neighbourhood designer/artist beckii 🙂 thanks love!

3 Responses to “fighting fit”
  1. whotolduthat says:

    as someone who has also done muay thai – it is an insane workout! definitely try it if you want some nice tone…girls;)

    and yes i should really put that punching bag up. roffffl.

  2. i am seriously obssessed with the colour of your handwraps!!!

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