tuesday night, di and i went out to see rihanna + supporting act, far east movement at rod laver arena. to be completely honest….im not a rihanna fan, never was. actually… mainly went for far east movement….hahaha=P

managed to do some quick happy snaps in fed square before we went to rod laver arena. HAHa okay so we’re not smiling, and facial expressions probably not that good because we were in a little bit of a hurry, but yeah just….disregard our faces. at least mine, i hate how my face looks in the first photo!

beckii outfit 3 editbeckii outfit2 edit

outfit details: Alice McCall ‘Lie Low’ black jumper | Sportsgirl basic grey tee | Sportsgirl khaki shorts | Coles[rofl?] black tights | Ash ‘Patty’ sneaker boots [amazingly comfortable, my feet were fine all night!~] | Mimco Revolution black hip bag | holbrooke by s.berry chain ring | H&M hoop earrings | diamante wing ring from korea | Disney Couture ‘faith’ necklace | retro gold Casio watch

di outfit1 editdi outfit2 edit

outfit details:  H&M white oversized shirt | Portmans tank | Supre highwaisted black shorts | black tights from hong kong | Shubar ‘Caitlin’ boots in black | black Baby G BG5601-1 watch | Topshop charm bracelet | Bardot clutch | random umbrella [..ella…ella…ella]

anyway, they also had a performance on sunday night in st kilda which apparently according to a billion friends, was off the hook. seriously regretting not going, because one of my friends was one of the djs that night and sad he couldv taken me backstage! ARGH stupid work, i shouldv just gone in zombified on the monday and had a good sunday night=/

i think possibly under half the audience was present when far east were ripping it up onstage – it only packed up after they left. but they were AMAZING! definitely know how to work up a crowd. unfortunately for n00bie me, i only found the REC button on my SLR after they had finished their set. highlights for me were definitely ‘Go Ape’ – they brought out their monkey mascot who bounced around onstage with theml; and ‘Rocketeer’ – I LOVE THAT SONG!! and they did a remix of it!!  you could hear the entire stadium singing along with them. “Here we go | come with me | there’s a world out there that we should see | take my hand | close your eyes..”

fm opening



kev nish gets so hyped, rofl!


fm 3 fingers in the air

three fingers in the air!

fm 3 fingers in the air2

proh + the blonde chick! [who did keri hilson’s part]

fm go ape

going ape with the monkey

fm monkey edit

this beat make me go ape S**T!

kev nish jumping edit

kev nish flying hehe.

anyway, all things aside, subjectivly rihanna put on a very good show. she can sing pretty well live! and i completely loved her bright red hair, and the blunt fringe…i saw a picture of her previously without the fringe and it looked horrible, but she looked really good on the night!

there were about…six? outfit changes on the night i think! i liked most but haha not all…she had this sparkly peach bodysuit with shoulderpads as the 2nd outfit which i think was really cool, and the one legged nude jumpsuit with white lines was interesting! wasnt feeling her red outfit with the black…tassels? 0__o or her last dominatrix-inspired outfit, of which di described her ‘ bike shorts’ as looking like “control underwear which you wear under your clothes to appear slimmer.” [paraphrased; my memory doesnt serve me well all the time haha^^]

rihanna8 smaller

opening screen


her first outfit…this super busy, puffy strapless dress..cute



cant remember which song this is…


as a celebrity…need to be aware people can catch you in all sorts of unflattering angles rofl. i like this outfit.


chillin on her pink tank rofl.


disturbia performance! thought this was cool.


rihanna 2

look at all them people!


rofl this is during the S+M performance…she just looks cute jumping here haha!



singing ballads on the pink tank haha.

rihanna4 smaller

love that hair colour!


her weird tasselled outfit.


thought this one was really cool:)

rihanna5 smaller

“damnnn girl.”


full house.


last outfit! humss.


i loved them thigh high boots though.





during umbrella!



best stage of the night for me was probably hmm..’S+M’ [ROFL the clothes her backup dancers were wearing 0__o], ‘Disturbia’ [she had dancers on stilts around her moving around the stage; signifiying dark creatures?? vocab lacks me right now..] and the last stage as ‘Umbrella’…ended with an explosion of red confetti everywhere, was so pretty!

sorry for the lack of coherence in this post, iv gone to bed past 3am every night this week. im not entirely sure how.

– becki xo

p.s diana and i were sitting very far away as u can see in the photos…so thats why all the close up shots are blurry!=/

p.p.s here are some clearer shots of my holbrooke by s.berry ring, and my wing ring from korea:)


holbrooke ring.

wing ring

i love this one hehe:)


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