human hanger6 edit


so after 3 months of delay, i finally got back the massive load of tshirts i ordered back from the printers. i still have a few designs i will post up once the recipient gets them, but il start off with this one:)

i did a tshirt design for my friend thyen and her sister for their blog, human hanger – thyen requested babushkas done in a morbid fashion…so this was my take on it!

photos taken courtesy of me; last friday at…can you guess where? melbourne university:D

babushkas front print

front tshirt design:)

human hanger2 edithuman hanger3 edit

human hanger4 edithuman hanger5 edit

love how they look in the last photo:D


more photos to come once thyen sends them out to me.


-beckii xo

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  1. […] one reminded me of the babushkas i did for human hanger HERE […]

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