pray for japan

there’s nothing more devastating than watching natural disasters rip through nations, leaving a trail of destruction, despair and sorrow. Lives lost, buildings destroyed, communities distraught, nations in mourning.

australia, new zealand and now japan.

pray for australia, pray for new zealand, pray for japan. pray not only for those who lost their lives in the disasters but pray for those who survived. it’s them who need the most help. it is them who have to face the reality of their bleak future, it is them who have to mourn the lost ones and it is them who have to deal with the pain and aftermath of the disaster.

it is hard to think that something so destructive and detrimental could bring about anything positive. But often it is only in times of distress and pain that hope, love and unity can be found. it is times like these where i see humanity unite and comfort each other. where nations are no longer separated by borders or seas but the whole world comes together to mourn loss, to comfort and to rebuild.

pray for japan – pray for those who lost their lives and pray for those who are left behind but also thank god for moments like these, because in these moments, love, life and hope are finally celebrated.

god bless you all.

credits for photo: paperpk news

One Response to “pray for japan”
  1. thank u for this post inez! i get so depressed everytime i think of Japan. 😦 also praying that the people there can survive the freezing temperatures without power 😦

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