punto + posing.

last tuesday i finally caught up with my good friend lara, back from her 3 months of frolicking in central and north america – somehow we always end up trying out ‘recommended’ food spots, so the brunch destination of the day was a lil cafe called ‘punto‘ near the corner of camberwell rd and riversdale rd in camberwell.

foodwise – lara had eggs benedict + i had some frittata thing [the menu items were all in italian, so i cant even pretend like i remember what it was called] …pretty good, if not a little on the dry side. hollandaise sauce was “not thick enough?” and eggs “not as runny as i like them?” [paraphrasing lara] …



punto2 edit

punto5 edit

eggs benedict.

punto3 edit

punto4 edit

nom nomz…

…so not wow, but it was nice enough, especially on such a nice summery day. especially nice for me to get a day to chill and relax, and not think about work of any sort!

i needed to happy snap lara for a base for a picture im attempting to do, so after i did that she caught on to how fun it is to pose + snap=P and it was DRESS UP LARA time! “high fashion” photos didnt turn out as well as hoped due to the light reflex in the photo always landing directly on her face…but we got a few hilarious gag shots in…one of which i love, and i’ve stuck down the bottom=P

lara edit

one of the only poses that worked without light in her face. possible future model for WTYT? hehe:D

lara edit2

HAHAHA could not stop laughing after we took this one, so hilarious!

i have an even more hilarious one including her grandma’s walking frame and grapes…but il leave that for my eyes:D
been busy, so hopefully be able to do more posts in a bit!

-beckii xo

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