retail therapy, VIP style.

wow, really backtracking on the posts here – been pretty busy and tired! anyway last wednesday i took di shopping out at chadstone for their VIP day/night. the main aim was to expand her wardrobe and get her more staple items for use….not me.

…unfortunately i could only resist a little and still bought a few things…of which i might post later when i have time. shopping, why are you so tempting!?

i targeted some places to check out before i met up with di, and then it was ON! the main purchases for the day for diana were: Windsor Smith ‘Captain Shank’ black nubuk platform boots, an Evil Twin asymmetrical khaki tank dress, Mimco ‘Zetta’…nappy bag [ROFLL the sales assistant told us it was a baby bag after we were wondering what this unfoldable padded sheet was in the back…but we thought it would be a good bag for travel regardless], backless grey Stussy jumper + an asymmetric hem Mooks tshirt, which i also got.

hopefully she will post her purchases sometime soon…nag her on twitter! –> @purplegirl. hahahaha:D


back of the stussy jumper…isnt it cool???


hehe diana flash in fat.


random pancakes. just because i like them. haha..


mmm maple syrup.


hehe ching ching NEW SHOES!


WOW diana you shopaholic….just kidding some of those are my bags too=P

also came across this ‘Qee’ exhibition, which were these large bearbrick-like figures, each one on display decorated/styled by a different fashion designer. pretty cool! i REALLY loved the Peter Alexander one, was all furry + cute=] the Mimco, Oroton and Bettina Liano ones were also pretty cool. wasnt really feeling the Little Joe one…the eyes freaked me out hehe.



chaddy collage1

peter alexander + oroton bears:)

chaddy collage2

jack london, alannah hill + bettina liano.

chaddy collage3

fat, gorman, mimco.

chaddy collage4

little joe, white suede, sambag, leona edminston.

managed to catch the first fashion show of the night at 6.30pm – held in front of David Jones on the lower level. the models displayed about…i think 4-5 different concepts? makeup and hair was red lippy, and sleeked back hair. i thought the blonde model with the short hair was GORGEOUS! loved all the platform/patent heels too, they’re really growing on me.


setting up before the show..






the pretty blonde model♥





me and the ladies sitting next to me were giggling because of how bad the cropped pants looked.


last dress of the show…isnt it gorgeous?! cant remember which designer this was though…
thats all for today=] peace!
-beckii xo

One Response to “retail therapy, VIP style.”
  1. di says:

    i will take photos soon! and do a really really backdated post :p :p work’s been stupid lately 😦

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