THIS IS A BIGBANG POST: TONIGHT + through the ages…

this post, like others…is severely delayed ROFL. i was going to do this a few weeks ago but i got busy…

anyway…as you all may have already guessed, inez, diana and i all have an interest towards kpop culture to a degree. i am not sure how long the other two have been interested in it, but for me, iv been following it quite closely since about 2005-2006. its interesting to see how the current idol groups have evolved over the years, especially since i gained interest just after DBSK had debuted, and watched super junior and big bang debut. how time flies, hey??

i was a huge fan of big bang once they debuted [not as much as DBSK, but thats another story] becauuuse as u can probably tell i love hiphop, love it way more than some of the other sugary korean pop out there. SWAG! thats also why i have a huge girl crush on CL from 2NE1, but thats again another story hahaha.

for those who don’t know what im talking about, big bang is a south korean idol group under YG Entertainment who debuted in 2006 during the YG family concert – comprised of members g-dragon, taeyang, top, seungri and daesung.

to be honest i never found g-dragon attractive haha [but he grew on me later]…and seungri was actually my favourite! taeyang following…who misses taeyang’s cornrows? i do, they were sick! haha. i also preferred top’s name when he used to be called tempo, but i dunno if anyone remembers that. i thought it was weird calling him top…

i really loved the first few singles that big bang dropped – including the debut single ‘we belong together’, g-dragon’s cover of maroon 5’s ‘this love’, ‘눈물뿐인 바보’ [i was obsessed with this one!], ‘goodbye baby’, and the intro track ‘big bang is V.I.P’ to name a few….dope.

i probably didnt like their following mini albums as much as they veered away from the hiphop sound and more onto electro [‘sunset glow’ was definitely a favourite though] , but ever since their debut, i dont think big bang has ever failed to impress.

check out some of their old stuff if you havent already, some of my old favourites:

we belong together…♥

this love.


goodbye baby swag! top looks hot as a blonde here:)

old school swag…la la la;)

i loved this style. so dope!!

sunset glow. wow i cannot believe this was 3 yrs ago!? 0_o

let me hear your voice…so pretty=]

last farewell…HAHAHA i loved the mv for this!!

gara gara go…another jap track:)

YG to me, is probably the only idol company [out of the top 3] that knows how to really support and market their artists, and due to the american influences in their music and company, they have a pretty good chance of infiltrating the american market. 2NE1 is already really popular [jealous! jeremy scott loves them], and i have so many friends who know who taeyang is, but have no idea that he is a part of big bang ROFL. ‘wedding dress’ became one of those overplayed songs that i heard EVERYWHERE [kind of like the wondergirl’s ‘nobody’ epidemic…its a good song but i cant stand it anymore]…im really surprised how many people knew/know it!

also, props to YG for hooking up with Movement Lifestyle choreographers! dancers like shaun evaristo, lyle beniga, keone madrid, mariel martin to name a few…have choreographed for numerous YG entertainers, and the quality of their work definitely shows.

im also impressed that every big bang member has managed to branch off and be successful on their own…top with acting + solo rapping, taeyang with his solo album, daesung with his trot music endeavours, seungri with his solo album, g-dragon with his solo album + collabo with top…..yet when they come back together as a GROUP, they still work together SO well and their latest album like any other, does not disappoint. my favourite tracks off there are definitely ‘tonight’ as the title track, and ‘somebody to love’. i wonder how much it cost for g-dragon to smash a guitar after every tonight performance though…0_o HAHA.

not to mention, switching up their style all the time [especially GD], although it comes off a little contraversial sometimes [especially GD ahaha]…its always fresh.

tonight mv! isnt the girl pretty…shes half chinese half american or something. chloe wong?

the infamous wedding dress clip..i love this song though. choreo by shaun evaristo, as usual.

seungri’s first single ‘strong baby’…this was awesome haha.

anyway…will end this post with more big bang mv clips + two pictures i drew as requests early last yr of top and g-dragon. enjoy!!

high high mv…crazy party!! when this played in the clubs in seoul..everyone went NUTS. it was fun!!:D

뻑이가요…just dope.

top arena

top from arena magazine..


gd is VIP=P

big bang, y’all going to go FAR…♥

-beckii xo


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