all work no play makes beckii go something something…

as the year progresses, starting to realise i have more and more work starting to pile up! im part time optometry this year, but since my company has got me working every single weekend and i am starting to accumulate little drawing projects here and there…plus trying to gear up in tkd and exercise again…i have a lot less time than anticipated 0__o [and yet again am deprived of much of an actual social life…]

…but anyway! i hope it will work out and i can juggle everything. seems i have something on every day and every night for a long time now though =/


finally putting up random pictures of some of the new stuff i bought with di at chadstone, as well as at the VIP Country Road sale the next day….CR i dunno what is up with your sizing, but thankyou for being one of the only brands in the world than i will ever be a size 6/8 or size SMALL/EXTRA SMALL. this just doesnt happen to someone of my size, ROFL.

also recieved my Kelsi Dagger nude pumps in the mail, and my black Peeptoe heels. the peeptoe heels i actually used to try on a LOT back a few yrs ago when i used to browse in Green with Envy [beautiful store♥] on bridge rd…haha so guess its a really delayed, fulfilled LUSTHAVE;)

the kelsi nude pumps are gorgeous! and they feel like…they have some kind of air padding under the ball of the feet because when i walk i can hear…like a lil poof of air when i step down ahaha. need to stretch out the front a little as my feet aren’t nicely shaped rofl=P

anyway enjoy. this blog isnt helping to curb my grown online shopping addiction at all. ARGH!

me edit

i really wanted to chop my head out of this one. ignore my expression please! outfit details: Country Road cowl neck top in black | Country Road drape pocket shorts in dark sand | Peeptoe Shoes ‘Miss Soho’ in black satin | retro gold Casio watch | fat legs [ROFL jk..kind of haha]

me edit2me edit3me edit4

thought i could possibly use this one for work events or the upcoming wedding events i have [not my own, haha]…outfit details:  Country Rd cowl neck dress in gunmetal [i couldv probably fitted an XS in this case, but only S size was left] | Windsor Smith ‘Clue’ suede booties in taupe

me edit5me edit6

uhh…kind of ignore what i wore…just threw it on without much thought. the point is the shoes. although i miiight be tempted to wear something similar out…possibly=P outfit details: Knocksteady ‘Knockstudy’ white tee | Mooks grey trackies | Kelsi Dagger ‘Linzy’ pumps in sand | gold retro Casio watch

i swear the camera really does put on 10 pounds [or was it kilograms?] …or perhaps i am just really in need of some weight loss. ROFL.


-beckii xo


p.s haha i always seem to photoshop the other two girl’s pictures better than mine. possibly because i have a camera in my face in all of mine rofl.


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