love your lashes

so ladies.. if you’re asian like me you probably have a major problem with your lashes – they’re either sparse OR don’t exist 🙂 lovely.

i used to have pretty decent lashes until i started curling them and using mascara everyday, then they slowly started getting weak and falling out a bit more regularly.

moral of the story – give your lashes at least a few days of break every week if not only use mascara when you deem necessary like at special events, parties.. etc..

so i’ve been wanting to try some of the different lash serums out there to give my eyelashes a bit of a helping hand in growing back so i found this one on an onlineshop and they were selling it at a discount – only $15 BARGAIN!!

it doesnt have a brand name so i’m assuming it just one of those asian brand things but it seems to guarantee growth every 3 days with 2 applications everyday so i’ve posted up pics for you to have a look for yourself.

day 0

day 3

day 6

day 9

the packaging

the serum

ginseng extract – very potent herb which depending on whether it’s american or asian species is very good for revitalisation or energy giving (in this case i would think revitalisation – who wants energetic lashes O_o)

it’s has an eyelash brush for you to brush it onto your lashes – if you use mascara I think it should be fine if you use your mascara over this product

personally i think there is quite some difference between day 0 and day 9 – might be the placebo effect i don’t know.  but i personally think that if not length there’s definitely more volume which is what i’ve been looking for.  i’m quite satisfied with the results considering the price of the item.

if you’re looking for something with more dramatic results i’d definitely suggest looking up more renowned brands or the ones with more clinical backgrounds.  You could try using L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum which seems very popular or Latisse Lash Serum although there’s a lot of mixed reviews on that.

edit: so beckii just told me that latisse is actually a prostaglandin drug so make sure you read up on the product before you decide to use it 🙂

Good luck girlies – us asian girls may finally be able to bat those natural lashes soon!

ps. credits for photoshopping the feature image – beckii dear 🙂 thanks heaps!

4 Responses to “love your lashes”
  1. whotolduthat says:

    note on latisse – im not sure about loreal, but the latisse one is made using a drug actually made for glaucoma treatment..which side effects include haha lash darkening and thickening. hence, mayyy have side effects. but some of my optom friends use it…so i dont know=P

  2. I started Latisse about 3 weeks ago and I already see a slight difference. It’s supposed to take 16 weeks (or somewhere around there) for full results so I’m pretty confident Latisse is going to work out well for me as it has for a lot of other people. It does irritate the eyes for the first few weeks but I haven’t noticed any discoloration of my lash line yet. If anyone is interested, Latisse is offering buy 1 get 1 free if you get a Latisse prescription from your dermatologist through April 30.

    As for the L’oreal Lash Serum, I’m using it in conjunction with Latisse but I don’t think it does any lengthening or thickening. I suspect it only conditions my lashes but for being only $10, I find that to be sufficient.

    Glad you found something that works for you..I feel you on the Asian eyelashes 😦 lol!

    • notsandcrosse says:

      hey there! thanks for the headsup about the sale for latisse! 🙂 loving your blog as well! 😀

  3. the glaucoma drug that’s the same as latisse can make your iris colour darker too! so if u dont want dark eyes, that’s something to watch out for.

    It probably wont happen as much with latisse cos it doesn’t go into the eye itself. But just some fun trivia 🙂

    Thanks for commenting!!!

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