blunt fringe. im not used to this…

got a haircut today. its the first time iv ever tried a blunt fringe instead of my normal side-swept fringe…and i have to say i feel really weird rofl. like im 5 years old. or that i just stepped off the boat…ahaha just kidding.

new hair

my mother thinks its cute. like a “japanese doll.” …okay! she just confirmed i look like a fob. HAHA! definitely need more time to get used to this hair….

got a business proposal as such in my email today regarding design things. so…might be able to announce something exciting soon…possibly!


– beckii xo


p.s serious query though…how on earth do you pin your fringe back without it stuffing up? if i pin it to either side it creates a new weird part, if i pin it back my fringe would go straight up after i take the pins out…0__o any tips on how to avoid retarded hair? this is not going to work when i do taekwondo and the likes…hahahaha >_<

2 Responses to “blunt fringe. im not used to this…”
  1. notsandcrosse says:

    LOL.. it looks GOOD beckii it’s not that blunt or thick like those fobs so dw! as for fringe hairstyles – it’s get back to headbands love that’s one of the things i hated about fringes although i’m pretty tempted to get one for myself again since i’m getting sick of my current hairstyle already lool

  2. HAHA i agree!!! it looks good!!! πŸ™‚ its not fob at all. its a cool blunt bang πŸ™‚ i’m so happy u posted pics tralalala πŸ™‚

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