looks like there is a new asian-american group on the block; although aziatix are not exactly n00bs to the industry.

Jay ‘Flowsik’ Park is a korean-american rapper/producer hailing from Queens in New York under the label Illuminaire. he’s worked with Ice-T, DBSK [동방신기] to name a few…i remember hearing his track ‘find a way out’ back in 2008! old school…

Eddie Shin i used to be a HUGE fan of back in the day! and hes finally made his return…also from new york, he had his first album back in 2005! check out his bibliography on this blogsite.

some of his old tracks:

covering ‘officially missing you’ back in 2005 on a radio show!

love this…throwback!

definitely not digging his long hair now. but hes always been cute;)

Nicky Lee is another one iv been a fan of for a long time. in fact, as a Korean American…he usually does Chinese songs!! he’s been promoting in Taiwan for…a long time now, im not entirely sure…perhaps 2-3 years ago? but i was surprised how good his songs were when i first discovered him. and how good his chinese is! puts me to shame….rofl=[

again, some of his old tracks:

used to love this one…

…on a side note, hes also part of Taiwanese hiphop group Machi, which i also really liked=P

also REALLY loved this back in the day!!

anyway now as a trio AZIATIX, im really interested to see what kind of music they can produce as all such talented individuals:) really liking their title track, ‘GO.’ check it out and dont forget to check out their facebook page HERE!

teaser video here…they look great. eddie u just need to CUT YOUR HAIR >_<

full track here!:)

2 Responses to “AZIATIX.”
  1. notsandcrosse says:

    ohhh i major likey 🙂 nicky LEE!!! ballad king – amazingly smooth vocals..

  2. whotolduthat says:

    yessss hes killing it in taiwan!

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