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another severely delayed post, last wednesday us three girls went out for brunch on the yarra to catch up. destination of choice was this unique little cafe called ‘ponyfish island’, which is located under the bridge which connects flinders street to southbank. given the open air setting, we were praying for good weather as it was forecast to shower and thunder! but luckily that didnt occur until later in the afternoon.

[di]: i stumbled upon Ponyfish Island while i was lazily browsing through some food blogs. i read about it here! 🙂


view of the yarra…and can u see 2 people to the bottom right of this photo in ponyfish island?=P



we all agreed food was pretty good! despite servings being a little on the small side for the pasta dishes. i had a roast vegetable pide, inez had gnocchi with olives and diana had rigatone with sundried tomatoes…i think…=P


[inez]: gnocchi wasn’t too bad but there wasn’t too much flavour and after a few bites got a bit boring/bland but it presentation defs 100%

[di]: mmm the gnocchi was really pillowy!!! 🙂 but alas, as inez said, the thing about pasta is that you’re eating the same thing over and over again… with really little variation between bites!


inez’s gnocchi:)



my roast vegetable pide…the fetta was superrr creamyyyyy.



diana’s pasta:)


inez go nomnomz.

dessert was a walnut, banana and strawberry waffle. it tasted like croissant. YUMM!!! good thing i had tkd later in the afternoon, cuz i dont normally allow myself ‘sometimes food’ like that! hehe..





ALL GONE….nearly.

[inez]: oh i majorly wanna NOM NOM NOM that again

[di]: the highlight of the day!!!!! This and the frozen yoghurt at cacao green tie at first place.

after lunch was photowhoring time. i tried out my new sass + bide black rats for the first time, that i got from brandsexclusive.com …but unfortunately i should’ve sized DOWN, because they were slipping down the entire day! lil sad, i was excited about that purchase and didnt think id fit the smaller size. now i know -__- i might sell these, so if you’re interested hit me up at beqIIdiffer@gmail.com [worn only once!].


looking at the singapore information out of all the countries displayed on the glass panels across another bridge on the yarra:)

ponyfish15 editponyfish16 edit

outfit details: my mum’s 20 yr old rayban aviators| denim vest from malaysia| black tank from cocolatte| black pants from japan| windsor smith cowboy boots| alarm clock design pocketwatch necklace from rfam&co. blogshop

[inez]: i’m not very good at posing -_-“

ponyfish17 editponyfish18 edit

outfit details: Sequinned off-shoulder knit top from a random boutique in rural Albury| Country Road silk shorts | Black tights from Hong Kong | RMK “Elyta” wedges

ponyfish20 edit

outfit details: Uniqlo pleather jacket | Zara white dress | Sass + Bide black rats | Asos black flats | 9five white shades | Mimco Revolution hip bag

ponyfish24 edit

random photo. i like it though:)

[inez]: ROFL my relay bag -_-”

ponyfish29 editponyfish28 edit

how awesome does di look? i look weird though 0__o

i have so much fun editing the other girls photos on photoshop! still havent figured out how to so anything amazing yet though..

last stop of the day was to cacao green, the sister brand of the awessssome frozen yoghurt chain red mango, which can be found in such places as korea and america. the green tea matcha frozen yoghurt is SO good! could barely eat after our lunch though 0__o

ponyfish30 edit


[inez]: OMGEEEE 1 week on and i’m still craving this incredibly yumm matcha frozen yoghurt

[di]: I want this againnnn! Right now!

and a WTH moment for your viewing pleasure…it was too hard and rude to take a photo up close when she was…but im pretty sure we were all wondering why this girl was wearing the red boots she was…with what she was wearing 0__o


santa baby, its the wrong time of the yearrrrrr….

peace!! xo


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