a lazy sunday before a manic monday

Allow me to indulge in a proud-mama-moment: Bailey’s graduated from puppy school!!!

During these past few months with the new pup, I have become increasingly aware of the number of similarities between bringing up a puppy and bringing up a kid. For his graduation, my sis decided to take it all the way and sent him for a grooming session before the big day.

I came home from work to a really nice smelling, fluffier-than-normal puppy. &! The grooming people also gave him a little yellow scarf of his own 🙂 He looks like a boy scout now.

Boy scout lookBailey

I love this expression of his!

Alright, enough boasting on my part! 😡 Outfit for today (before I got all sweaty at dance). Coincidentally, also involving a scarf. 🙂

Circle scarf up, head down.Circle scarf up, head up

Circle scarf down

The deets: H&M oversized shirt |  Sass and bide tshirt | Elwood grey knit circle scarf | Sass and bide black rats | vintage satchel bag


[beckii edit: di…is that a G-shock tanline i see? HAHA]


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