picture perfect sendai….change change?

since listening to m-flo stuff again after being reminded of its awesomeness by verbal’s recently released solo album ‘visionair’ …i remembered this track off m-flo’s album ‘cosmicolour’ which verbal did in collaboration with jap duo monkey majik, ‘picture perfect’. the mv is seriously cool and i love[d] how catchy it is!

check it here:

if you didnt know, monkey majik consist of 2 canadian brothers blaise and maynard plant, who originated from ottowa, ontario, canada, as well as two japanese members tax and dick.

…they also happen to be located in sendai in japan, which happens to be one of the grief-stricken areas of japan hit by the earthquakes currently and tsunamis.

i recently started following blaise on twitter, and hes tweeted pretty often about the volatile situation there…its really sad=[ seriously japan is in such bad shape right now=[

anyway diverting the topic back to awesome m-flo…i seriously love verbal still, after all these years. completely addicted to ‘change change’ from visionair, the track he did in collabo with nicki minaj:

this track he did off ‘cosmicolour’ with snacky chan, thaitanium, edison chen and ryohei yamamoto ‘love me hate the game’….was so close to absolute dopeness…except EDC with his inability to actually rap KILLED it. in the bad way. im not entirely sure why they chose him to be on the track…but i can think of many more underground asian rappers who couldv done a much, MUCH better job.

“..aint no reason to hate on me…paparazzi be, everyday watching me…heres my hotel keys, room 112 and 3..now theres a real reason to hate on me.” yes. because your flow is non existent.

respect to your entrepreneurship with CLOT. but….stay away from singing and rapping please.


– beckii xo


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