birthdays + engagements.

finally recovered from my exhaustion over work and multiple events at night over the weekend from friday to tuesday…sort of. i cant believe how drained i am getting from travelling so much…although i have a sneaking suspicion caffeine withdrawals may have something to do with it!! [trying to cut down on coffee from last year – i had like 2+ strong coffees every day to break through my permanent fatigue]


anyway aside from working straight through from friday–> this tuesday, i dropped by my friend kim’s birthday drinks at ONDERGROUNDS in the city on friday night – decided to try out my new windsor smith suede booties + my SMALLER sass + bide black rats that i picked up at the sass and bide sale the weekend before [the M/L rats will still be on sale, email me!]

kim bdae 1 editkim bdae 2 editkim bdae3 edit

i really liked this one…it was comfortable too:) outfit details: dEnizen checked shirt | Sportsgirl black halter top | Sass + Bide asymmetric white tshirt | Sass + Bide black rats | Windsor Smith ‘Clue’ suede booties in taupe | personalised dogtag | fake T&C ‘Return To Tiffanys’ chain from hong kong | retro gold Casio watch


definitely loved the booties! although after a while walking around could feel the pressure on the balls of my feet. recommended as fine for a night out chilling, but probably not for extended dancing/moving about rofl.
i was wondering why on earth there were so many people in the city on friday! [or perhaps its because i havent been out in a while haha] …figured it was because of a football match, and the comedy festival. check out the lines for melbourne town hall!

lines outside city hall

look at the lines of people 0__o


saturday night after work was my friends’ bec + brian’s white party for their recent engagement…congratulations guys!:) sooo bec said ‘think of gossip girl’ when dressing to theme; and okay..i dont really watch gossip girl but i assumed it was formal attire, so i rocked up wearing this….

bb engagement1 editbb engagement2 edit

white dresses are so hard to make not look see through -__- outfit details:  cheapo white dress from malaysia [suuuper cheap~! rofl] | peach coloured singlet dress [taken from my black lace Princess Highway dress] | Kelsi Dagger ‘Linzy’ pumps in sand | gold butterfly convertible clutch from singapore | retro gold Casio watch

given that it was raining heavily that day; i was really worried id slip because them kelsi dagger pumps have no grip whatsoever. i did okay though. haha!


when i got there….people were wearing everything and anything from bathrobes + white lab coats; to full cocktail attire. why didnt they tell me?! given the dreary weather i could’ve possible rocked up…like this?

white 1 editwhite2 edit

outfit details: Forever 21 white cable knit beanie | white hoodie from korea | denim shorts from i dont remember where [originally my cousins] | Dereon white kicks

ahahaha alright maybe that wasnt so well thought out. but id have been more comfortable. and less likely to sink into the ground as i did with my kelsi heels=/


going to really try and post more…and get the other girls to! but seriously work; art work especially is starting to pile up=/ i cant wait until the easter weekend! my auntie is visiting from sydney and i get most days on the weekend off. OH and the chris brown concert! yay~!



– beckii xo



p.s evil twin tells me im lacking hiphop attire in this blog. i think so too, but seriously most of the things iv been out for recently have called for more girly attire=/

2 Responses to “birthdays + engagements.”
  1. love the kicks and the beanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and u did well with the ‘gossip girl’ tip! u look hot beckii!!!!!!!! 🙂

    was a pity u didn’t know u could wear the alternative outfit though. looks so comfy and warm! and im loving ur blunt banggg. i’ve gotta get mine cut today. asap. before the wedding i’m gonna go to.

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