SO, none of us have had any time to update for a while…so this is hella delayed, as is a few other posts! hope there are still people reading, rofl!

so the past weekend was the big easter break, and diana, her sister daph and i went to see chris brown at rod laver on the saturday night. (we had no time to eat until 12am cuz we came straight from work…but thats another story rofl!) i expected to see a lot of people crammed in the tram to go to see him as happened with the rihanna concert…but it wasnt. the concert didnt sell out either (i guess thats the kind of backlash you might get for domestic violence…sorry chris)

di + i wore our new reverse-reverse purchases…i love my BB dakota shirt! the draped back is pretty cool…cant really see it that well in the photos but its great! really velvety feeling material too. di’s cardigan worked out well – nice fit, i think:)
me cb1 editme cb2 edit
me cb3 edit

outfit details: Uniqlo grey hoodie | BB Dakota ‘Reeder’ Military shirt in dirty white | denim shorts from couz | black tights from i dont remember | Ash ‘Trouble’ wedge sneakers | Mimco ‘Revolution’ black hip bag

di cb1 editdi cb2 edit

outfit details: Supre black singlet | Country Rd grey jumpsuit | Central Park West black zipper cardigan | Rubi black boots

anyway long story short – it was a good show, but i felt it was too short. chris only was dancing and singing for about…1.5hrs onstage? while the opening acts (dj havana brown, justice crew + jessica mauboy) took like 2.5 hours. think of all the cbreezy we could’ve seen in that time! and the stage sets were quite simple, nothing like it was for rihanna’s show.

dj havana brown is a girl?! i never knew…AND A HOt GIRL!? haha she wasnt bad. justice crew; i was very disappointed in them. i was hoping for some dope breaking showcase, but instead they decided to try for the boy band route, and do very badly synched cheesy choreo while one of them attempted to sing/rap. to a huge crowd i dont know..looked very disorganised and…id have hoped you’d have stuck to something you’re actually awesome at! aish…

dj havana brown cb

dj havana brown and her back up dancers dancing to her new single?

and jessica mauboy was AMAZING. her vocal control and tone is incredible!! shes so blessed to have been discovered…and although she was awesome, she had over an hr alone on stage….ripping through 10+ songs…”WHAT? another song?!” just a bit tooo long…

jessica mauboy

jessica mauboy and her dancers…

i like how chris did a lot of  OLDSCHOOL tracks…when he first appeared, the entire stadium stood up for him! but he should’ve done more tracks off his F.A.M.E album…was dying to hear ‘Up 2 You’…but i was happy i got to hear ‘She Aint You’…hehe:)

here is some picture spam; the finale with the light suits was DOPE!!


countdown til chris gets on stage!


one second!




his first appearance haha…whole stadium standing.


scene from ‘wet the bed’ preclip.


take you downnnn…


i dun remember what hes singing rofl. no air??


around this time is when he jumped INTO the audience!!



BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! and light suits!!




its ok chris. i dont condone your woman bashing, but your music is still awesome:)

-beckii xo


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