making it to paradise

yes k-drama.. they’re all the rage now.  in fact anything korean is the trend now.  and well in all honesty, in my opinion, koreans do seem to do their dramas pretty well.. from make-up to sets to looks and acting talent.

being a major drama addict i’m very picky about dramas I tend to steer towards those mystery/cop orientated dramas or if a chinese/hk drama those martial-arts shows.  So when it comes to korean rom-com dramas i sometimes can be quite unimpressed.  In fact if the show doesn’t impress me within the first episode i usually give up on it.

so after dropping a few dramas previously, i stumbled upon Paradise Ranch.  Honestly, i wasn’t expecting all too much from it because I’d never been a die-hard dbsk fan and had only heard a few of their songs and well I don’t tend to hold much expectations for singers turn actors and vice versa.  But unlike the previous few, Paradise Ranch surprisingly managed to grab hold of my attention within the first episode.

the storyline revolves around 2 youngsters Han Dong Joo and Lee Da Ji who were passionately in love and got married when they were in their late teens.  However, problems soon arose in their relationship and they eventually ended their marriage with a divorce.  7 years later as fate will have it, they meet again, however, this time each have their own love interest although they clearly still have feelings for each other.. and so the story evolves..


personally i was highly impressed by changmin’s acting.  For a first-timer he managed to  pull his weight for the drama and I think he played out his character quite well.  although his character was quite immature he was still very likable and didn’t over do anything.  in fact i found him quite cute towards the end when he realised his feelings for his ex-wife.  His facial expressions were quite comical especially since he’s got this huge round eyes which get even bigger when he’s angry.


i read a few comments on the drama and a few viewers found lee yeon hee who plays lee da ji to get quite annoying with her innocent cute act but i don’t think she was that bad. as for acting goes her crying scenes were definitely a thumbs up but then again i don’t think i’ve seen a female korean actor who can’t cry.


the storyline wasn’t too bad but as always nothing overly spectacular just the usual love triangles and struggles the main characters have to overcome to find their love.. etc.. It did seem to get a bit repetitive if not draggy towards the end and if you’re expecting some major twist of plot then you’re going to be sorely disappointed but most rom-coms aren’t in it for their storyline but more for the chemistry and acting skills of the characters and i think both changmin and yeonhee managed to do well in that sense – they had awesome chemistry and managed to bring their characters to life.

so a yay or a nay for this drama? i would say a yay.. it’s not a major must-watch but it was definitely enjoyable and there were some pleasant surprises from the actors so i’d give it a 7/10.



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