freakin tiring weekend, again! iv been sick for 2 weeks now since i havent really given myself much time to rest…FINALLY starting antibiotics so hopefully il be good to exercise next week – iv forgoed so much exercise because i havent been able to breathe/been exhausted/too busy!

went out with the WTYT girls on friday night which was more uneventful than we had hoped, but that will be another post. this one is about CARBON! which was a 3 day festival for contemporary style, design and culture in burn city [link to the site HERE]. they held streetwear forums on saturday and sunday; i had to work today so i only could go yesterday; not to mention the entry fee for the forum was a lil steep. but it was an interesting experience!

went to ACMI in federation square on 4 measly hours of sleep yesterday morning to listen to 2 forums; the first one being ‘Beyond The Brand’; main speaker Bobby from LA-based brand ‘The Hundreds’ [hes kind of cute! ..i also love this brand], and the 2nd one being ‘Building a Tshirt Label’; main speaker Greg Riviera from NY-based brand ‘Mishka’ [also a pretty cool brand]

it was really interesting to see all the different views on how to visualise branding and each brand’s different design focus; i kind of wished they were a bit more forward on HOW they developed their own brands, instead of just showcasing their work but…still pretty cool.  Matt Noffs from Gideon Shoes [being a high end shoe brand] also does charity work for youths in sydney, setting up ‘youth university’ in an area that is prominent for drug use and children with tough backgrounds…i thought that was a really interesting balance of extremes.

and Carri Munden, this London-trained girl who has her own brand ‘Cassette Playa’ has done some AMAZING collabos! personally i found her colourful abstract work kind of weird…but she’s done a jewellry collaboration with Verbal which was DOPE, as well as having her clothes worn by 2NE1. which is also cool [kind of had a jeremy scott vibe to the pieces worn by the 2NE1 girls]…not to mention a Nike collabo, Nicki Minaj wearing her gear…etc…hahaha.

also interesting to note; that majority of major streetwear brands out there still get a huge percentage of their revenue from tshirt sales.  best blank canvas, hey??:D

one point in which nearly ALL the brand speakers emphasised too, was the importance of blogging and using social media. Bobby from The Hundreds was expressing that in the 8 years that his brand has been out, hes blogged EVERY DAY. every single day! even on new years eve, going home early from parties, blogging from the hospital….and apparently their blog has hundreds of thousands of hits per day [well…at least THOUSANDS. my memory fails me]….thats wassup!

[they were fully like, “you have NO excuse, you have the internet!!” haha..]

so hopefully with that input i will try and blog more if i can. kay, so the life of a part time optometrist isnt as cool nor as eventful as a designer from LA; buuut we can try:)

random few photos from the event:


setting up for the forum in the morning..


during bobby’s speech – he was saying how one of his early designs [on the right] was taken from an LA olympics? mascot…and had a deeper meaning but i cant remember exactly what haha=/


during asuza’s speech…talking bout how they met in a cemetary haha!


one of asuza’s female designs…pretty cool!


during greg’s speech – talking bout how his partner always went out and drew their bear mop logo everywhere.


one of mishka’s tshirt designs…cant remember exactly what it was a parody of…but they were supposed to be man…ly…superheroes? or something? either way its hilarious.


during jimmy bligg from brand ‘Grand Scheme’ ‘s speech [i have one of their artist collabo tees in 2 colourways…love it!]…talking abt what goes on behind the actual brand. the blue pie section is the ‘creative work ‘ section…the rest is admin stuff ROFL=/

oh, and in the 2nd forum they gave out free Super Special [a screenprinting company]’s collabo tees with the event. pretty cool!



super spcial edit

freee teeeeeshirrrrt:D

so…here goes to blogging more!

– beckii xo

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