so this is long overdue, but last year i designed some tshirts for the vancouver popping crew, black mamba. i first discovered these guys when they danced with jay park at ‘korean night’ in vancouver last year; and i have got to say, they got skills!!

check out this clip of members deni + edo popping at last years World of Dance in seattle:

and the korean night performance:)


anyway i randomly designed a black mamba logo for them; which has been the facebook group’s display picture since late last year:) after a huge delay in tshirt orders i finally got the tshirts out the them last month; and i recieved the photos of them wearing them last week! although edo hasnt sent in his photos…here below is the tshirt design, and deni, elmo and derek from black mamba in the tees:)

black mamba white snake version

black mamba tshirt design…i did a white version of this too but they preferred the black:)

snap of one of the tshirts i sent away..

black mamba tees

derek + elmo:)

black mamba tees2

deni + elmo=]

black mamba tees3


black mamba tees4


black mamba tees5


good stuff=]

-beckii xo


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