seven, shenanigans + stalactites.

us x 3 edit

you might not understand how long it took us to get the shots above…HAHA

so last friday the WTYT girls finally got together for another night out – although in the end it played out probably a bit less eventful than we had hoped or expected. being the weekend after the long easter/anzac day weekend [where majority of clubs do huge ticketed clubbing events; hence from thursday to monday night there was multiple clubbing events on EVERY DAY] …well being partied out; not many people want to go clubbing right?

so i think it was expected that clubs wouldnt be completely bumpin; and after my easter weekend out i wasnt really in the mood to party but inez wanted to go out, so of course we did=] cute cocktails at Golden Monkey [love that place!], then made a stop at Amber because our friend may had a free group pass [giving them out for free outside the club? think that shows how desperate they are for people!] …and yeah as expected, club was DEAD; had like a few old dudes sitting on couches and doof doof music. what happened to kpop fridays! sadface.

next stop was Loft…that looked dead too so we took a taxi to Seven. hoping for a RNB FILLED NIGHT but…again club was jampacked…full of 18 yr old kids and old men; and the same house and dubstep mixes being played the entire night! -___- fail, pretty sure we all got bored real quick!

ended up getting souvlakis at stalactites then chatting back at di’s friend’s apartment til bout 4am. MEH night. moral of the story is, dont go clubbing the weekend after a huge party weekend. it’ll just be full of mediocre music and old men who shouldn’t be in clubs.

next morning after like 4 hrs of sleep had to go to the carbon forums, but you can read about that HERE🙂

photo spam!

golden monkey edit

our drinks from left to right: di’s china doll, my ying to the yang, inez’s green ninja:)

golden monkey2 edit

us! haha=]

di1 editdi2 edit

outfit details:  black Shakuhachi military lace dress | RMK cage heels | black tights from hong kong

di3 edit

trying to show verstility of the Shakuhachi dress rofl; added a One Teaspoon ‘Tennessee’  knit to tone it down!

inez1 editinez2 edit

outfit details picture 1: green Cotton On shirt | boots from japan | black Cocolatte tank | denim shorts from singapore |key necklace from asia
outfit details picture 2: black Bardot dress | mesh heels from singapore

me1 edit

excuse the awkward pose. outfit details: BB Dakota ‘Reeder’ Military shirt in dirty white | Sass + Bide black rats | Windsor Smith ‘Clue’ booties in taupe |diamante wing ring from korea 

blowdrying top edit

i was turning in the photo above…because i think i got makeup on the back of my top! and di was trying to clean it off as you see here. ROFL! hope my top isnt ruined=[ its dryclean only!

me2 edit

di’s friend’s awesome mirror which made us all look way thinner than we are…although i guess it doesnt look like it here=/

crown bfast edit

breakfast with inez the next morning…my ‘natural muesli’ with strawberries.

crown bfast2 edit

inez’s pancakes:)


– beckii xo


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