Sydney day 1 in pictures

i have survived my first week back at work after jetsetting to sydney during the easter break. it was the best escape from reality a girl could ever wish for & i guess pictures would do the trip a lot more justice than i ever could in a thousand words. πŸ™‚

after mourning a 5 hr delay due to the fog, i made up for lost time and dragged (i didn’t exactly have to) the bestie (C) with me to check out the shops in town almost immediately after touching down. Our first (and sadly, only) stop for the day was the Westfield shopping centre in the heart of the city.

blue cafe


first thing we did was to eat! we were kinda drawn to this interesting looking bright blue cafe…which looked like it could belong on the streets of Paris, somewhat? or maybe the french accent of one of the waitresses there convinced me of this. In an effort to milk every minute i had of my short trip, i had an incredibly yummy strawberry shortcake macaron to go…



At the second last day of One Teaspoon’s 50% off all denim sale!



Unfortunately didn’t make it into the brand new Zara store that day because of the line and our lack of patience.




The ground floor of Westfield was pretty cool and had more ofΒ  a street feel to it than the rest of the other levels. It actually reminded me of the ground floor of Far East shopping centre back in Singapore! πŸ™‚ I’m loving that wall of kicks and also loved how they had vintage clothing on sale in random areas of the centre. It all made up for a more unique shopping experience for me πŸ™‚


To end the day off, we rushed off to C’s pole performance at Bobbi’s pole studio. I always feel so inspired to take it up everytime I’m in the presence of the art-form, but I still view it as humanly impossible. How does one have enough strength to lift her whole body weight? Please enlighten me!

…stay tuned for Day 2 πŸ™‚


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