so earlier when i said i was excited i might have some news to announce….i guess this is it! although its still in very early stages. i am now one of the sponsors for Los Angeles based dance crew, ‘The Dance Band’, who describe themselves as “A sibling based, multi genre music group with an extreme dance act.”

so basically, they break and do music=P check out their page HERE! so i will be doing promo art for them in a  short while.

i did a previous image for DJ River of TDB using another one of their sponsors, Subjekt headphones as part of the image. its been sent to Subjekt to see if it can be used as a promotional image, but the creative director of Subjekt gave some feedback about what he wanted changed…unfortunately um…due to the way he phrased his english im having a bit of trouble gauging exactly what he means=/ ROFL.

so…il see how that works out but tis been quite a long time since i did this image, so im hoping it will be able to be used SOON. fingers crossed this all works out!

dj river

this is a slightly different image to what might be used – that one i wont post up for now.

my cousin from singapore is also currently trekking around australia; and will be in melbourne in under two weeks. im super excited! because shes never come and visited me in australia in our 23 yrs, iv always gone up to singapore. should be dope! not to mention shes bringing us kaya [which if you didn’t know already, is coconut jam…southeast asian thing…and its BOMB]! yay!

kaya edit
bomb!! kaya toast from Ya Kun Kaya, my favourite franchise in spore^__^

kaya edit2
french toast with kaya=D


– beckii.


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