so iv found out even as a part time optometrist this year, i dont have as much time as originally anticipated for art, given theres also things like church/social time/taekwondo i forgot to add to the equation.  not to mention travelling time for work takes double what it used to…saying that, a lot of my pictures iv done lately have been done pretty rushed!

anyway one of my friends told me about this tshirt competition that a local christian urban/hiphop clothing label, PVBS was holding, so i decided to see what i could whip up in 3 days once i got my days off from work=/ check out their site HERE, its seriously pretty cool! i like their designs, fresh!

the photo manip tshirt design i did using one of my friends photos…i didnt exactly ask permission but i hope he’ll be okay with me using it, especially since i think he came out rather well=D tell me what you think!

lamb smooth edge

sheepy beats:D

poser phil

first edit of the photo design..

poser phil tree vs

2nd version of the photo design…can you guess what the splatter in the background is supposed to be?:D

enrolled into an adobe illustrator short course too, starting next thursday. hope it’ll be good!

oh, and if you want to help a girl out, my art tumblr is HERE and my art facebook page is HERE [this one is my baby, rooofl] 😀


– beckii xo


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