satisfying my MONGA tooth

so i’ve always preferred asian desserts over western desserts.. except for sticky date pudding, icecream, gelato, mudcake, creme brulee.. actually let me rephrase: i’ve always loved desserts both asian and western but of course living in melbourne and not in the east side limits the amount of asian desserts i’m exposed to and quite frankly banana fritters and fried icecream do NOT count as authentic asian desserts.

sago? glutinous rice balls? waffles with green tea ice cream? yeaaah now we’re talking asian.

i heard there’s a Sweet Monga Cafe down boxhill area but i’ve never been considering i live on the opposite side of town so when i heard that there was a new branch down in the city (on russel st, smack bang between lonsdale and little bourke st) i figured i should at least give it a try and quite honestly i wasn’t disappointed

The place Monga’s at now used to be a bar/clubesque place and they’ve kept the basic decor only changing the seats and tables so the place has a very chilled and almost oriental, zen atmosphere with the wooden beams and segregated compartments.  but as modern as the decor is, the menu and dishes are pure asian authenticity.


for all you non-dessert eaters – fear not! the menu will satisfy those savory tastebuds of yours with all sorts of hk-style cafe food.  I didnt try any of the savory stuff but if they’re as good as the sweet stuff was then you won’t be sorry 😉

i chose to have a cold strawberry sago dessert and my friend went with the hk style waffles with green tea ice cream…

monga3 vs2 (1)


the portion was very decent for the price – i can’t quite remember the price but the portion was humongous so major kudos for that..

the sago was sweet, and you could actually taste real strawberries blended into the dessert.  outcome: sweet, creamy, smooth and sago-y my fav 🙂

the waffles came out looking ridiculously fatty with peanut butter spread and condensed milk dribbled across the waffle and the green tea icecream sitting atop it all.  but when all were put together into one delicious mouthful, it was an explosion of tastes, peanut-buttery, salty, sweet, creamy, fragrant all at once.  not overly-sweet unlike what we expected.

and my friend also had a cup of milk coffee and like all good hk milk coffee should be it was smooth, thick, creamy and aromatic.

i think this has to be the best asian dessert place i’ve ever been to – beats dessert house that’s for sure and for the price and ambiance why not?!

tempted? go ahead.. go satisfy those asian monga tastebuds of yours 😉


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