room edit

the featured photo is a portion of my room – or what was, until i cleaned it up a few days ago and discovered floorspace underneath it [i am culprit to chucking things on the floor when im tired/busy/cant be bothered folding…creative people are messy, mmmkay=P]. its funny what clothing and stuff you might have forgotten you own!

compiled a few things of which i dont think i will use; consequently will snap some photos of them [all in good condition] – and WTYT will soon have a ‘for sale’ section=] possibly the clothing/accessory items might also be put up on inez’s blogshop Rfamco HERE [add as a friend!] and HERE [like!!] , but just watch this space=]

melbourne has of late, gotten ridiculously cold and rainy. apparently it also hailed/snowed today?! thanks to cold weather im fast becoming a blob by constantly eating -__- HAHA.



– beckii xo

p.s in LOVE with my hooded scarf from nasty gal! [ok this is actually di’s mauve one…my black one must’ve sold out]  its dope!:D


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