so iv been interested in the recent shatter nail polish for a while; but over the last few years due to work and other things, painting my nails is usually a once in a blue moon activity. am i allowed to procrastinate a little more this year with slightly more time? [and the fact i actually need to make an effort once in a while so i dont look like a bum every time for this blog, haha]

tried out black shatter for the first time at my friend lara’s house [you can see what else we did that day HERE], and LOVED the effect! been wanting to get my hands on OPI’s version of black shatter, as well as Katy Perry’s shade ‘Teenage Dream’ [of which i still have not gotten] for ages!

anyway being the cheapass i am, and because OPI prices are ridiculously high here in australia, i purchased a bottle of La Rosa black shatter, which is supposed to be a salon brand.

as you can see from the photos below, i changed my colours twice this time round haha…pastels look a bit weird under the shatter=/ so i changed to a red metallic polish…which looks less weird:D

black shatter red

made the photo black and white cuz my hands are ridiculously dry atm=[ winter weather is so cooold right now..

black shatter red2

the red nailpolish i got from Sportsgirl when i used to work there. although they call it ‘hot pink’…

black shatter purple pastel

you can see i did the shatter on this first attempt pretty quickly…then i had to help my grandmother with dinner and smudged it further -__- underneath colour is a Sportsgirl shade in violet.

the La Rosa polish cracks quite widely, but as iv found out [and as lara told me[ you need to be quite sparing with the black polish as you put it on; else it doesnt crack much when it goes on too thick.

anyway, fun and [quite] easy addition to normal paint jobs=P definitely am going to try different colous of shatter later on! …looks like the face shop also makes shatter…so i might check out their version soon;)


-beckii xo


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