Sydney Day 2

So…I better get on to this before it starts becoming a distant memory. lol. :p We started off day two with a really good breakfast at Bills. Through hearsay and the research i did prior to the trip, it sounded like Bills is an extremely popular spot for brekkie amongst the sydney siders… i was not disappointed. πŸ™‚ The scrambled eggs were smooth, silky, and had an almost melt in your mouth texture about them; and their corn fritters, i must say, weren’t bad either (and that is a compliment from someone who isn’t really a big fan of corn fritters & doesn’t really know how to critique a fritter)! At that time, I felt like they gave Mart 130‘s a run for their money.




the coffee turned out to be a really pleasant surprise! Don’t you just love it when you can kill two birds with one stone? especially on a short getaway when there’s too many things to do but too little time! Anyway, i had Single Orgin Roasters as another key destination on my list but could quickly scratch that off when i saw that Bills served their coffee. πŸ™‚ It still remains a must for next time though.


After brekkie, C helped me out with some shots of my outfit before she had to scoot off to her uni tutorials.


the nitty-gritties: Stussy knit from the Chadstone shopping trip with beckii | Country Road drap pocket short in charcoal | Jacket from the streets of Hong Kong | Black tights from goodness knows where | Black boots from Rubi shoes of which I have become a serial re-wearer of.

With me time on my hands, i wandered along Victoria street and also to the Surry Hills area to check out the little cafes and shops that lined the streets. My buys included a lovely, romantic, oh-so-flowy *insert dreamy adjective here* Minkpink maxi skirt and also managed to get beckii her junkyard mini by one teaspoon from their Surry Hills store.



I have a small obssession with One Teaspoon πŸ™‚

The shopping trip ended with me being reunited with C and friends again at Kawa, a cafe whose french doors and laid back atmosphere immediately had me at hello. Apparently, their minestrone soup has Mirranda Kerr’s stamp of approval too!





we could eat breakfast food all day if given the chance


Stay tuned for day 3!

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