i am a serial emotional shopper, i have realised. being in a negative mood or perhaps bored state of mind, online window shopping of late has been the first point of call to alleviate my mood or entertain me. which, inevitably gives rise to a higher chance of buying something. even when i dont REALLLY need it.

now i did really think for a while about these shoes…a good couple of weeks! but when asos had a 10% off code delivered to my email… i thought..okay whaatever. and next thing u know a pair of patterned harem pants and a ring was added to the bag. ROFL!

anyway finally recieved these asos TOUCAN shoeboots, which i thought might come in handy. cant say im drooling over them but they’re pretty comfy, apart from the are around the ankle being a bit loose. and im sure my wardrobe stable of black tights will go fine with this in colder temperatures=]

strappy booties 1

strappy booties 2

strappy booties 3

last weekend my dear couz from singapore came, and concurrently i had the SRC [southern regional conference] which is this 3-day annual optometry conference, which i attended with diana….thanks to both of those things i barely slept and now im a lil bit sick, again….-__- il write about that soon!

ohhhh and i FINALLY got the sale pages up, please check them out HERE and HERE for kpop stuff:)


– beckii xo


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