wellll, the past weekend has been eventful, if not incredibly tiring. last thursday night i picked up my cousin eileen from melbourne airport with my brother; supposedly coming in on a tiger airways flight at 8.55pm; from brisbane where was the last stop of her aussie road trip with some of her sporean friends.

i drove up with my brother – or perhaps i should’ve drove, because my brother got lost on the way to the airport and it took us a slightly longer time that expected to arrive. my couz prewarned me of a delay with tiger; “i should touch down about 9.30pm!” so okay, we reached around 9.40 ish.

the tiger airways arrival terminal at melbourne airport is a JOKE. i expected it to be inside the airport with all the other flight terminals, but no…it was under this…somewhat makeshift tent, and the terminal was OPEN AIR, blocked off by wire grates and one way revolving gates [i.e you couldnt get in], topped off with barb wire. hmm. no screen display to tell anyone of arrivals of planes, it looked like a bomb shelter/cattle pen/detention centre. for SHAME! melb airport!

…not to mention it was freakin freezing that night; me and the other people waiting were turning into iceblocks! raging at stupid tiger airways who ended up making the flight 1.5 hours late; meaning i only caught a glimpse of my cousin entering the terminal around 10.30-10.40pm. FAIL -___-

i think….friday the 13th really was a bit of a bad luck day for me also. took eileen out all day on chapel/around st kilda/chadstone…managed to get fined for accidentally driving across tram tracks in st kilda RIGHT in front of a police car [i swear; it was raining heavily and i couldnt see the road, i dont go down that area usually!] + as well as not having P plates up=/

but wait, theres more! haha i have worn these cheapo black boots from hong kong to DEATH over the past 2 years [cant go wrong with $99HKD, aight], and the sole was starting to scuff and wear away…i thought okay, COOL they wont break on me! …my bad, they did. friday night ended up clubbing with some church friends + eileen at alumbra [which by the way, is an awesome clubbing night], and we ended up walking to the club in the pouring rain.

zombie girl edit

zombie girl at cho gaos….hahah all the bartenders were dressed in a similar fashion.

boots thought it was the perfect time to break and the sole broke off at the front and back of both of my boots. ARGH!! needless to say, everytime i stepped down the water rushed into my shoe and i felt i was walking on sponges by the time we reached our destination -__-. we also decided to stay at my bros place that night; and i didnt bring other shoes…..so the next morning when i had to get up to go to my optom conference…i had to literally buy a new pair so i didnt look like a tool wearing soaked, gaffered taped boots! rofl…so i probably spent a little too much; on a pair of leather boots i dont LOVE…but they’ll do…i guess haha:)

thanks to 3 full days of conference [luckily they had a lot of food breaks…my goodness i ate so much 0__o] and trying to take out eileen in between, i barely got any sleep and consequently come monday morning after i had dropped eileen back to the airport [miss u!], nausea and a headache decided to smack me in the face. ROFL.

src1 edit


src2 edit

optoms walking out from lectures to go to lunch/break..

src3 edit

src4 edit

my lunch on the sunday haha…some kind of chicken pasta…was alright=]

src5 edit

more people came this year [because usually people just pay for the conference and dont rock up…you get points (needed to stay registered as a practitioner) for attending] – because they MONITORED your attendance by getting people to answer questions in lectures using the electronic keypad as seen above…it didnt work half of the time ROFL. but i guess it made more people come.

anyway it was fun; bought some nerd tools for work [i.e tweezers + a foreign body spud], and took eileen out to look at graffiti spots in the city on saturday night. pretty dope! definitely need it for inspiration for something i will try and do soon for a friend.

check out the photos here!


croft alley graffiti edit

since i last looked, i think croft alley has been newly re-graffitied…this piece is so dope!

croft alley graffiti2 edit

eileen happy snapping with me.

croft alley graffiti3 edit

this one was super cool…theres actually an eye drawn on the girls forehead…and a fluorescent light placed horizontally above it. so when i took the photo…the light made the graffiti come out like this. isnt that awesome???


union lane graffiti edit

union lane graffiti2 edit

union lane graffiti3 edit

union lane graffiti4 edit

union lane graffiti 5 edit

this one reminded me of the babushkas i did for human hanger HERE hahahaha=]

union lane graffiti 6 edit

union lane graffiti 7 edit

union lane graffiti 8 edit

this one covered like…an extra 3-4 metres of wall after where my couz is standing.

union lane graffiti 9 edit

union lane graffiti 10 edit

union lane graffiti 11 edit


union lane graffiti 12 edit

thought this one was pretty cool…some kind of dog/lion thing.

union lane graffiti 13 edit

HAHAHA love this. it came out a lot darker at night obviously…

annnd of the kaya she brought me. looks kind of gross if u look at it in the jar but mmmm its SO GOOOOOOD:D

killney kaya2 edit

killney kaya edit

killney kaya3 edit


– beckii xo

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