so lara and i decided to go check out the much anticipated glue store warehouse sale out at the showgrounds today. having over 5000 people ‘attending’ the event on facebook, we went early [around 11am] to avoid too many people. well…probably should’ve gone out a bit earlier! as we were met by MASSIVE crowds of people lining up to get into the glue warehouse….


so many people dang -__-


…one and a half hours later, we finally got into the sale. one word? OVERRATED. ‘sale’ prices on average were well….average, and not that cheap…not to mention the stock was pretty uninteresting. picked up a pair of studded leggings and a one teaspoon top but looking at the LOOONG line to the…cashier…decided we had enough and walked out empty handed.

my easy-to-change-out-of sale outfit for the day; LOVe my nasty gal [@NastyGal] hooded scarf!

scarf outfit edit2scarf outfit edit1

outfit details: Nasty Gal black hooded scarf with pockets | grey cable knit Roy sweater | Sass + Bide asymmetric white tshirt | Cotton On wet look black leggings

made an impromptu stop to bridge road, which was mildly more successful [does buying underwear count? rofl] and had a quick bite to eat at this lil cafe called ‘two monks’…the barista was kind of cute;) but the rest of the staff were either new or, didnt know what they were doing. “toasted muesli? what? what muesli?” …as well as being asked by a chinese staff in mandarin whether we spoke chinese…to blankly taking my order past our table after staring at me… well, if we weren’t so hungry at 4pm harsher reviews of this place might be in order. but it was alright, at best.



hmmm been working a bit more this week so i havent had much time to do art! saying which i tried to cram in a PLNDR tshirt competition of lil wayne which my friend suggested i try out, as well as a quick bdae sketch of chacha from art of movement. both of which dont really look like the real subject, but it was the best i could do cramming it in after i finished work this week.

lil wayne
it was meant to be done in the style of weezy’s latest album…or something like this! managed to do this in about 2-3 days after work this week, so glad i was able to finish it in time!

chase bdae 2011

did this in like 2-3 hours last night after doing the initial sketch the night before, super rushed!

in optom work related news, i still havent recieved my nerd tools. where ARE you!? -__-


– beckii xo


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