went to see Xmen: First Class with lara in doncaster today. i think we had our doubts about the quality of the film because well…although i really enjoyed wolverine for the action/entertainment factor, they majorly stuffed up the timeline and xmen universe history in origins. as well as stuffing too many mutants into the film and not actually doing anything with them.

anyway, we were pleasantly surprised, i think first class definitely set up a good foundation for future origin spin offs, as well as defining/explaining important events in the plot [i.e how Professor X became a paraplegic, how he + Magneto became friends/parted ways, how Beast developed, how Magneto developed his powers, blah blah…]. not to mention a surprise cameo from a particular prominent xmen character got me and lara immediately squealing and flailing in our seats [can you guess? i love _________!! ]…hehehe=]

kevin bacon doesnt have any german heritage in him, doe she? he seemed to speak pretty good german in the film…angel is played by lenny kravitz’s daughter!! damn celeb connections. ROFL. and lucas til who plays havok is…cute…HAHA:D

definitely enjoyed charles mcavoy + michael fassbender’s performances as charles xavier/professor x and erik lehnsherr/magneto respectively, convincing and yeah! very well done=]

cant WAIT for more xmen movies! and the deadpool spinoff with ryan reynolds:D going to go geek out more and read up on xmen history on wikipedia again…..hehe.

burn city has been surprisingly warm and sunny today for winter…so felt a bit overdressed wearing this…oh wellll…

adi1 editadi2 editadi3 edit

outfit details:  black Living Doll dress | grey Uniqlo basic hoodie | hot pink + orange Adidas Originals jacket | grey cable knit Roy beanie | fake Tiff+Co chain | silver dogtag | black sequinned Jack Purcell Converse sneakers


– beckii xo


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