i used to be the biggest book nerd growing up…id borrow huge stacks of books from my school library and power through them all, and then do it all the next week ROFL. doing that i ended up reading a lot of classic novels between 9-11 yrs old like pride + prejudice, little women etc…kinda wish i made time to read these days! but i dont=[

i have a lot of trouble discerning ONE book i like/love so i’ll just choose the book that popped to my head first. Wild Swans by Jun Chang is a pretty interesting autobiography of Jun growing up during the the Cultural Revolution in mainland China, as well as detailing the lives of her grandmother and her mother before Jun was born. it gives i suppose, insight to how life was at the time and the struggles and tension of living in a communist country ruled by Mao Zedong at the time.

definitely recommend it! its not that easy a read but its not as hard as say…Lord of the Rings ROFL…i had so much trouble getting through those books, id end up getting sidetracked a few books in. another one that plays with your head is ‘The Solitaire Mystery’ by Jostein Gaarder which plays with philisophy but does it using fantasy. crazy book! haha.

and of course, much love to the Discworld seried by Terry Pratchett. sci fi comedy humour nonsense at its best, haha.


– beckii xo


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