okay so, i WAS going to see inez today and that probably would’ve made for a more interesting blog. however that got cancelled so uh…bear with my bullet points they might not be that interesting ROFL.

  • woke up around 9am, tossed around a bit semi concious as i usually do after one of my lucid dreams
  • 5 grain oatmeal + fruit for breakfast
  • loaded up a 1 hr 40 min adobe lightroom tutorial to watch…then realised i dont have lightroom yet and i didnt have the patience to watch it so moved on to other photoshop tutorial videos. did this for a few hours
  • i cant remember what i had for lunch
  • watched a bit of hiphop + random yoseob B2ST clips on youtube
  • decided to go try jogging…decided to roll over and close my eyes for a moment first on my bed. sleep ensued accidentally…ROFL
  • jogged for 20-25 mins on my treadmill while watching a bit of HK film ‘drink drank drunk’ with daniel wu and mirium yeung. one of my old favourites!! forgot how much i love that film and daniel wu, hehe
  • showered, got dressed, browsed through some design inspiration on
  • herbal soup before church
  • went to church; had my friend poke my bare leg through the gaps in my BB dakota slasher leggings. hahaha
  • now home
  • night is over so probably will read some more PS tutorials before bed.
dooodoodoodoo you can wake up now; it is over. hehe.
– beckii xo
featured image one of my random pictures….hahaha:)

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