everyone who knows me knows i dont listen to the radio, and dont watch tv. one; i hate talkback radio [i just want music and THATS IT], and i dont make time for tv. not to mention, top 40, commercial music is often regurgitated far too often on radio channels, playing it over and over until you are SICK of it.

anyway! i dont mind mainstream music. i generally like a wide genre of music [although im not particularly fond of house/heavy metal/excessive techno/country/dubstep ROFL] so sometimes its enjoyable, and introduces me to music that i guess…everyone else listens to?! all of my music i discover is online. and a large percentage of it is underground/non-mainstream, especially rnb and hiphop [not many people i know listen to the music i do…especially not korean hiphop. which i LOVE]….so yeah i like the fact that there are a LOT of artists who are amazingly awesome and talented that i can discover all the time….although its quite unfortunately they dont get as much praise as they shoud, whilst a lot of time time mainstream artists with top hits rely on post production and heavy autotune to make their tracks worth listening to.

thats probably what annoys me the most. aside from that, i love music and if its good, its GOOD. bottom line=]

music addiction syringe

one of the earliest photoshop things i did last year.


– beckii xo


feature image courtesy of me; did it for joseph gordon levitt’s call for people to try to design’s new apparel line…


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