last night in seoul one of my favourite korean rappers Dok2 held a concert for his new album ‘hustle real hard’ – something i would’ve LOVED to go to; but they always have dope things on when i cant go, rofl -__- guests included The Quiett, B-Free, Beenzino, Art of Movement [bboy crew that Jay Park is in]…my friend miguel who attended the concert was sending me all these pictures of it LIVE while it was occuring and making me jealous in the meanwhile hahahaha=[

anyway, they introduced the new solo member of Illionaire Records [record company between Dok2 + The Quiett] as BEENZINO! which is super dope; i like his rap swagger and as a bonus hes hella cute:D definitely looking out for more awesomeness to come in the future from the illionaires:D


check out his performance with Dok2 + TheQuiett last night doing ‘Mr independent 2’, one of my favourite tracks off Dok2’s new album:D

more information about this plus an audio clip of a new joint by these 3 HERE at [if you can’t read korean…its just pretty much introducing beenzino as the new solo member of illionaire records:)]


– beckii xo


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