DAY 1: 5 things that would win my heart

YAY! I’m finally back after a really long hiatus of ups and downs – worked 9 days in a row, fell ill, had the fabulous bestie visit from Sydney yet again, over-ate because I was in a holiday mood & froze my butt off now that winter’s here… that pretty much sums it up really.

I’ve decided to try the 30 day blog challenge as well, partly because i love creating lists and also, it’ll hopefully make up for my absence here. 🙂

5 ways to win my heart:
1) Be a good conversationalist just cos i suck at averting awkward silences.
2) Be interesting so that i can be amused with jaw dropping trivia everyday.
3) Be as inexplicably entertaining as The Hills. I am SO addicted to that show.
4) Be super duper funny but not too funny. I also want to be able to make you laugh.
5) Be pieces of pretty jewellery from HOH:


retail therapy to take the pain out of work 🙂

Full outift soon!


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