hmm alright i think most of these may be character traits:

1. people walking really slowly in front of you [especially when you’re in a hurry]:  ever heard the phrase about wanting to punch slow walking people in the back of the head? okay, im not that violent [seriously!] but im often in a hurry to walk somewhere, may it be to/from work or otherwise, and i REALLLY get irritaed by people who stroll…and a very slow pace in front of you..a.nd then when you try to dodge past them, they kind of drift…over to the other side of the path…so you cant get past them at ALL! ARGH!

2. selfish people:  doing things for the benefit of solely yourself, is just, ridiculous.

3. being late:  this applies to myself, or to other people. unless im trying to be late on purpose [i.e first to a party? HEEEELLLL NO!], i hate running behind! makes me feel guilty to the other person. conversely, this REALLY applies if you are my patient. if you’re late i dont want to see you. FULL STOP! especially if you come in 15 minutes late into a 30 minute appointment thene xpect me to complete a full exam on you in 10 minutes…..go away please.

4. tryhards:  me [and some of my family friends] used to call this being ‘perasan‘ , which is kind of the malay word for ‘presumptious’. is pretty much talking about the kind of people who talk as if they own the world, act as if they’re better than everyone else, dress a certain way ‘just so they can pick up’ [if i can see your ass that skirt is too short]..blah blah…pretty much people who want to make you *HEADDESK*

5. people who try to take advantage of you [and succeed]: i hate this. it happens to me way too often -__- perhaps its cuz i dont like saying no to someone. and cuz i feel bad if i do. *slaps self*

in other news, FINALLY recieved one of my nerd tools from designs for vision today! its about time! its a foreign body spud…pretty much, to flick/scrape/remove foreign body matter from the surface of your cornea of your eye. although im still too scared to try doing this if its central…hahha.

fb spud2

fb spud


yay! now to wait for my ridiculously overpriced tweezers for work!:D hahahaha….





-beckii xo


feature pic courtesy of my girl gloria when we used to do stupid cartoons with my EXTA5Y crew:)

2 Responses to “DAY 7: FIVE PET PEEVES…”
  1. nina says:

    Current 4th years would love this.

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