well…this is going to be quite an uninteresting post again=P but at least you’ll kind of gauge how i eat haha!

  • muesli + soy milk, strong coffee for breakfast [i dont know why my mother thinks im partial to soy milk but thats all thats in my fridge atm 0__O]
  • no time to grab lunch from home cuz i was late to work so bought a Leda bar…and a Shop Til You Drop magazine=P
  • eclipse mints
  • sushi, cuttlefish + veggies for dinner
  • fruit – grapes/apple/pear/orange/kiwifruit
  • piece of swirl rye sourdough bread with honey
  • another coffee [at like 8pm rofl]
  • hopefully il be good and stop eating now….
what i wish i had here; 찜닭 from 안동찜닭 in seoul…pretty much a chicken dish with all this other shizz chucked in. nice and spicy and YUMMMMMM in winter!! i had it twice when i was in seoul in january…


the spicy [불찜닭?] version…


regular seafood one:) [….해물찜닭? my korean is failing…]




– beckii xo



featured photo courtesy of me, eating dokbokki/떡볶이 at 박군네떡볶이 with minah and amy in hongdae in seoul….mmm. 


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