okay so as someone who graduated from a supposed top rated university in melbourne with an health science degree….i think education MEANS something, but it is most definitely not EVERYTHING. i remember in year 12 everyone was scrambling and studying their ass off to get top marks to enter uni…but once everyone got into uni, noone really cared if you got a 99 ENTER or not [ unless that was the determinging factor to get into your desired course…and no i did not get such a great mark as that] …and it definitely didnt determine how uni marks came out between individuals from year to year in uni.

similarly, now that i and a lot of friends have graduated, a lot of people are either complacent about their job situation, or dont really like it [guess which one i am]. barely anyone i know says they LOVE their job. conversely, i also have friends who didnt go to uni, dropped out of school, and are doing quite successfully for themselves based on their own hard work + motivation.

hmm at the end of the day, i think, what drives you is passion. if you love something, that will compel you to succeed in it; income aside and conventional education aside. primary + tertiary education is somewhat important, but its not the be all and end all. you can still do incredibly well without having a prestigious degree. as long as you have the heart, and the passion for it:)




– beckii xo



feature photo courtesy of jay park‘s twitter. just because its funny.


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