..and write the first 10 songs that play=]:



1.Maya Doni feat. 2AM – 몰라ing
2.Neyo – The End
3. Epik High feat. 한희정 – Breathe [Mithra’s Word]
4. Pe2ny feat. Kebee, 베이지 – Musicbox [LOVE this one!]
5. 도끼/Gonzo Tha Notorious Kid feat. DJ Friz + Jinbo – Thunderground Life
6. Aira Mitsuki – Technopolis [i cant write the jap characters before the name-__-]
7. Wheesung/휘성 -네 심장이 쉬는날 [‘the day your heart rests’]
8. Makai feat. Lisa – My One Star
9. Dong Bang Shin Ki/동방신기 – ‘O’-jung.-ban-hap [rofl cant write the chinese characters either…fail]
10. Rainie Yang – Folding Love

tried not to cheat and skip songs; but I dont really listen to half of the songs I just listed…oh well:D




-beckii xo


p.s why does better music play after iv finished typing this? hahaha


featured image courtesy of me, drew it last year for the boombox ‘youtube celebrities’ event i did the event tshirt for.


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