SO…my interest with jin started off in my teens; in the last few years of high school i was listening to one of my brother’s friend[who is a DJ]’s mix tape, which happened to end with jin’s ‘learn chinese’ …this being probably? THE first rap song by an asian artist that id been exposed to, aaand safe to say i found it humourous enough to be a favourite of mine for a long time after that. iv been a huge fan of rap since back in the day, and ruff ryders [eve, DMX] were prob some of my favourite mcs…so i found it incredibly cool this asian dude was a part of this=P

wow this brings back memories…hahaha…this song used to be on MAD REPLAY!

jin came down to melbourne soon after i discovered him and my bro’s mates all looked after him out clubbing…cept i was too young at the time to go out=[ CRUSHED!=[ hahaha…

and so the story goes, 7-8+ years later; still a huge fan of mr jin au yeung – remaining from the days when i used myspace still, he’s still on the ‘top friends’ list, my name is still *CRAFTY BECKII* from when he requested people change their names…i really liked how he was cool with interacting with fans and everyone; msged anyone and everyone:D

fast forward a few more years [my memory fails; forgive me if this is not in exactly correct chronological order rooofl] and jin moved to hong kong; and released his first cantonese EP, ‘ABC’ …hmmm…pretty sure everyone knew i was obsessed with this one, HAHA!! iv failed to really find much quality cantonese rnb/hiphop joints over the years; jin changed all that! especially with his hilarious lyrics [helped my fail cantonese as well=P] …all i want to do is sip some tea + eat more buns now=P

some of my favourites from the ‘ABC’ album:

title track…:D

okay i gotta say i found this mv kind of silly…

‘HK superstar’ with daniel wu…well…mostly a daniel wu doll HAHA…hahaha boss!

then came all the english vlogs; reading over some of jins old blogs i was surprised to find he had accepted Christ into his life! did not expect that roofl…final year uni study/adjusting to work life for me took over, so i dunno what he did in that time, but in the last year or so since jin reconnected on social networks [especially TWITTER], i have been really inspired by his growth as a person and as an artist!

EDIT: okay i DO remember something i missed out….his 2010 HIPHOP CENSUS MIXTAPE! where jin collaborated with talented youtube peeps including Chris Logic, Toestah, Ruby Ibarra, Duke:

dont stop the music=]

girl has serious flowww.

my favourite track off the mixtape!!♥



was so inspired by his determination in this blog post…

love how he encourages change of himself, change of others, and accounts it to God in his blogs, his vlogs, his lyrics. AND still connects with everyone around the world via vlogs/emails/twitter with no pretense… as well as spreading the AIYA love….as if i didnt already use it enough ROOFL. thats wasSUP!

jin’s ‘AIYA’ joint with toestah…thats wassup!!! love it AIYA!

some of my favourite joints from his recent ‘Say Something’ mixtape and ‘Sincerely Yours’ EP:

what is true religion? i aint talkin bout jeans.

and everyday i pray | i wanna change | i wanna change

touch the sky=]


ANGELS mv! in hong kong…haha

jin came down to melbourne last september in 2010 but i was in singapore…=[ only found out AFTER i got home and my brother told me. NOOOOOOOOOOO T____T

jin released his new website HERE on his birthday on june 4th; and he released the mv for this song ‘shoot for the moon’ yesterday on the 10th. FREAKIN LOVE IT! jin in 10 years….crazy to witness how much you have changed=]


anyway…im still waiting for the next installment of ‘change your life music’ to come my way. and im late now but again, HAPPPYY BIRTHDAY JIN! + God BLESS=] ….#AIYAart will be on the way as soooon as i get time!


– beckii xo

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