i dont really have much to say on this one – my family and my extended family is pretty small; my immediate one is pretty typical – 2 parents and an older brother. both my parents are medical practitioners and my brother got coaxed into the doctor industry – although hes currently taking a break from this and doing a masters of business. we’re all nerds, hahaha.

only got 7 cousins in total on both sides of my fam! although apparently i have a huge half-family on my dads side of which i have not really met at all. my bro and i are also the only NON-mixed cousins on my mothers side [my other cousins are malay/chinese, and eurasian]. i think thats pretty cool=] i ♥ my cousins!

doodoodoo…..thats it!:D went out and took some happy snaps with inez today; hopefully il get them edited soon and they’ll be up;)




– beckii xo



feature image  =  AHAHAHAH HOMER. courtesy of google;)


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