running a lil behind but i was tired yesterday! attempting to finsih off my footlocker competition entry today so been trying to concentrate on that. hmm okay well i have a few things, but i guess one i can’ mention is, that im sort of proud of the fact that i taught myself korean – that being, reading/writing/speaking etc. as its kind of obvious! haha over this blog, all 3 of u are quite into korean culture to an extent, especially the music…back in the day oh…maybe 6 years ago? i was really into this prominent korean boyband dong bang shin ki/동방신기 [thanks to my auntie introducing me to the korean drama ‘my name is kim sam soon’…but thats a different story] …and of course, to be able to understand what they’re on about [and other k-celebrities in music and shows, etc] it’d be easier to learn korean, right?

soo for about 3 months solid, nearly every single day for a few hrs, mid 2005 [or was it 2006? i dont remember haha]i used online lessons from a sogang university site HERE, as well as asking for help on’s korean forums when i didnt understand a grammatical structure or something. during that time, it got to the point where i could already understand stuff in shows/dramas without subtitles [and i got pretty freakin excited when i discovered this HAHA]…awesome!

but yeah obviously not without work so it meant writing down heaps of words from the dictionary, attempting to translate song lyrics [which often stumped me becuase of the creative freedom of grammar/words in lyrics DAMN YOUUU], pausing shows when a word popped up on the screen to translate, watching more things without subs, etc…

…so that was then.

then uni life took over and everything korean went on a hiatus [aside from getting beat up in taekwondo, but that again is a different story haha] …so i backslid a lot and i forgot a lot of words etc=[ picked it back up again when i started following k music again back in mid 2009…which was a bad time actually, given it was final year uni and i was distracting myself ROFL., so again pausing videos to translate stuff, etc…2010 was when i got a korean twitter [me2day; HERE] on the request of korean fans who i started to talk to on regular twitter…and obviously everything is in korean, everything they say to you is in korean – so you got no other choice! ROFL.

naver dictionary became my best friend! hahaha…and i noticed my korean improved heaaaaps, especially when i was on me2day almost daily in 2010…and when i did a tshirt collaboration with a korean fancafe for jay park; i had to mainly communicate in korean for changes/updates etc…so there were harder words [like…print resolution? HAHA]invoved…most of which i have forgotten now…

jayparkband tshirt9

ahh, the memories of this collabo. i still dont really know if jay actually kept the tshirt.


…and the rest is history! haha..

anyway im really scared i will forget all my korean because i dont use it as often now + i still have heaps i dont know; 그래서 한국친들이 저한테 대화해줄까요? ㅋㅋ 진심으로!







i am going to put a rain check on this one. watch this space.




– beckii xo


feature photo courtesy of google images; korean comedian/gag man noh hong chul/노홍철 hahahhaha.


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