dENIZEN weather.

so cold and wet these days!

stuff i chucked on for church:

denizen editdenizen edit2denizen edit3denizen edit4


outfit details : dENIZEN blue fur[fuzz?] lined hoodie | dENIZEN blue/pink/yellow checked longline shirt | white Garage tee | black Cotton On tank | Levi’s denim mini | fleece lined tights from korea | fake Dr Martens from hong kong [think il have to upgrade to real ones soon…the soles are starting to break T__T ] | fake Tiff&Co chain | engraved dogtag


im wearing the blue/reverse version of the hoodie that jay park is wearing in this promo shot here:

jay denizen ad27

its super comfy! nice to wear. the arms are padded too hehe:D



currently been replaying 4Men’s latest album over and over and over and OVER again its so nice! ballad kings! have a listen:

this one is my favourite from the album♥ LOVE IT!



that is all:)




– beckii xo


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