i’m sky high.. with royal brunei

those who have heard of royal brunei.. put your hands up.

yeah me neither.. not until i went to flight centre to enquiry about flights to singapore – only then did i realise that these were the cheapest tickets on the market.

yes that’s right even cheaper than airasia AND jetstar.. which is crazy considering those two are meant to be budget airlines.  I paid $590 for my tickets 2 way from melb to singapore – and royal brunei is NOT a budget airline but a full fledged airline which means that fee includes luggage and food.  only catch is i have to transit in brunei.

in all honesty i really wasnt expecting much from the airline since it was such an unknown airline and well i’ve grown up on Singapore Airlines because my dad used to work for them so I have high expectations from airline services.  but royal brunei really surprised me!

so far i’ve taken airasia, jetstar, singapore airlines and malaysia airlines and with Singapore Airlines on top, Royal Brunei has actually taken second place in the rankings of overall awesomeness.  Although it’s still a farcry from Singapore Airlines but it’s still a lot better than malaysia Airlines.  The service was very good with very polite and friendly staff and the entertainment wasnt too bad either.  The only let-down was when my flight to brunei was delayed by 30min due to a computer system crash so that was quite lame but the rest of the trip was really good

food wasn’t too bad.. if anything the portion was a bit small.. maybe they assume everyone eats asian sized portions? i don’t know but normally i can’t finish an inflight meal but this time i still felt unsatisfied although i finished most of the food. so that was a bit sad.  I didnt get a chance to take photos of the food because my camera was in my bag which was in the overhead compartment so i just ceeb’d but i’ll take photos on the way back.  and they gave ice cream too!! which i’ve only ever had on singapore airlines so thumbs up!  (i can never resist ice cream :P)

as for the stopover i didnt really get to experience brunei airport on the way up either because my flight was delayed so i basically arrived at brunei airport and then went straight into my gate for my transit flight to singapore.  my flight from brunei to singapore was only 2 hrs and so i didnt expect any meal on board although i was starving and it was dinner time but i was pleasantly surprised with a dinner meal on board despite the short flight time.  again very small portion size but still decent effort and food.

so yes or no for royal brunei? definitely!  for it’s price i’d defs pick it over budget or malaysia airlines anyday!

and so now since i’m quite a frequent traveller i thought i’d finish with some of my own travelling tips – beauty and just general use:

  • i highly recommend getting an earphone adaptor instead of using the headphones they provide – no. 1 because they help prevent headset hair (ie. the flattening of hair where your headset is) and no.2 a lot better sound quality.  normally the adaptor comes with noise isolation earphones if not just grab one online from ebay for less than $5!!
  • bring some snacks onboard – i normally bring some lollies or choc or chips onboard because most of the time the airlines feed you based on the time in the country you’re arriving in which might be quite different to the time of the country you left so snacks like these are great to keep you filled without having to get the flight attendant’s attention
  • bring an empty water bottle on board – make sure it’s empty because you’d be asked to empty it during security check anyway and bring a bottle so that you can get the attendant to fill it up for you so you dont have to keep asking for water because it’s important to keep hydrated when flying because the air is very dry and stale on board
  • invest in a neck pillow – they are soo comfortable seriously! they’re a bit pricey in Australia but if you scout around on ebay or asian countries u should be able to get one for a reasonable price and they are really great for overnight haul flights!
so that’s all from me my fellow travellers! safe flight and happy globetrotting!!
stay tuned for foodie photos from me in singapore!!!!
One Response to “i’m sky high.. with royal brunei”
  1. di says:

    i must say im curious now! 🙂 half an hr is not bad delay for computers crashing… i had to sit in the plane for close to 2 hrs before it took off (jetstar) because of the same problem.

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